speechManagement of speech and hearing difficulties is usually a three-pronged approach. Usually we recommend working with the person with a communication or hearing difficulty in individual sessions (although sometimes we may suggest a group program). In these sessions, we will be working with on specifically selected targets to improve one’s difficulties. In the second instance, we may also work the client’s carers. For example, we may provide Parents with activities to complete at home so that targeted areas are carried over into other environments. Thirdly, we also encourage communicating with referral sources or other team members working with the client.

Speech Pathology Services (including Central Auditory Processing Disorder)

We treat a wide range of speech pathology difficulties and are specialists in the management of CAPD. We have available a large number of resources including popular programs such as the Lindamood program, Multilit, LACE, Listening Now!, Earobics and Memory Booster. Our services cover:

  • Speech (articulation and phonology), language, voice, fluency and literacy programs

  • Central Auditory processing Disorder (CAPD) and associated short-term auditory memory difficulties

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Hearing Services:

  • Hearing Aid fittings
  • Fitting of Assisstive Listening Devices (e.g. FM systems)
  • Fitting of Earplugs

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