Dr Chyrisse Heine

B.A. (Speech & Hearing Therapy), M.A. (Audiology),
PhD (Public Health)

Dr Chyrisse Heine is a dually qualified Speech Pathologist and Audiologist with over 25 years experience. In addition to her work at Chyrisse Heine & Associates, she is a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University, an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University and regularly consults for other universities such as Southern Cross University. Chyrisse specialises in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and  adults with hearing impairments, speech, language and communication difficulties, especially Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Chyrisse has edited 3 books, including a book on the Listening Now! program which is regularly used to manage Central Auditory Processing Disorders in the clinic. Chyrisse has presented over 70 presentations at national and international workshops, PDs and conferences and has written over 25 journal articles. She is the moderator of the Auditory Processing Disorder Yahoo! group, and is involved in the establishment of speech pathology programs in Cambodia. She is the Senior Advisor for speech pathology services for CABDICO (a well established NGO in Cambodia),