Hearing Devices & Aural Rehabilitation

Our product range includes devices varying in colour and size. We have many amplification systems to choose from and have selected to use only the highest quality devices. At Chyrisse Heine & Associates we use tried and tested devices to ensure we deliver to you the best opportunity to maximise your hearing potential.

For Children
For children, we specialise in the fitting of FM systems. FM systems are devices which limit background noise and improve the quality of the signal being received by the child. These systems are particularly advantageous for classroom use. In particular, many children with Central Auditory Processing Disorder have benefited from FM system use. We are particularly fortunate that our centre has secured a number of these units available for trial. Read more…

For Adults
Adult hearing solutions include the latest technology in hearing aid devices. In keeping with our professional and highly specialised approach to hearing intervention, we use only the highest standard devices. These range in styles and costs.

We provide expert advice and fitting of hearing aids

Behind-the-Ear Models


In-the-Ear (ITE) Models