CAPD: Speech, Language and Literacy Programs

Many children with CAPD also have associated difficulty with speech, language and literacy.

familyIn regards to speech, children with CAPD often have difficulty discriminating (hearing the difference) between sounds e.g. Hearing the difference between a ‘l’ and ‘y’ sound. these difficulties are often displayed as a sound production error. Management involves being able to discriminate the targeted sound from the incorrect sound and then train correct production of the sound.

Langauge difficulties (especially receptive language difficulties) are often strongly associated with CAPD. Management has a strong focus on listening abilities including working on identification of key bits of information, understanding context, inferences and concepts as well as the ability to express oneself using age appropriate vocabulary.

People with CAPD usually have difficulty with hearing the sounds needed for reading and spelling, and CAPD is in particular related to phonological awareness (the manipulation of sounds) and phonics. We use a wide range of resources and activities to manage this area of difficulty.