1,2,3, muoy, pi, bei; and I was off to Cambodia

In early November, 2013, I was invited by CABDICO (Capacity Building of People with Disability in the Community Organization), a NGO (Non Government Organization) working with physically disabled children) to attend and present a paper at a workshop in Phnom … Continue reading

Hearing loss – surgery or hearing aids!

Hearing loss is categorized according to site of lesion (site of the problem). If the pathology lies in the outer or middle ear, the hearing loss is categorized as a conductive hearing loss. If the pathology lies in the inner … Continue reading

The ABCs of hearing tests….

Many types of hearing tests are available and the audiologist will decide which test to select based on the age of the client, the clinical situation, medical considerations and the information that is required. The following are explanations of some … Continue reading

So, what is better, surgery or hearing aids?

Some ear problems require surgery whilst others cannot resolve through surgery. For example, in the case of recurrent ear infections, the insertion of ventilation tubes (grommets) may be required and in time, the hearing loss usually decreases or resolves. Otosclerosis … Continue reading

Ear infections and hearing loss

Often when a person experiences recurrent middle ear infections, they may experience a mild hearing loss. Since the middle ear or Eustachian Tube (tube that connects the ear with the nose and throat), is filled with fluid from the ear … Continue reading

Audiology and audiologists – do I need one?

Audiologists are University graduates who have studied audiology usually at a postgraduate level. They also complete a supervised clinical internship. Most countries have an audiology society or association that monitor the work of audiologists, and provide them with a code … Continue reading