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Why do some people have a lot of earwax?

Posted on 12 September, 2014 by Dr Chyrisse Heine

Earwax in ears is normal and actually required to prevent any objects from getting into the ear ( e.g. Insects).

Q: So, how much wax is too much?

A: when the wax is hard and black, it is impacted and will not be secreted by the ear unaided. In this case, softening drops and a visit to the GP or audiologist may be required. The removal of earwax is by syringing using warm water. The client will feel a sense of relief and comfort as the plug wax is removed since impacted earwax often causes a feeling of fullness in the ear and diminished hearing.

Q: Why do some people have more earwax than others?

A: Numerous factors account for an increase in earwax production in some people. Examples of these factors include a genetic predisposition and passive smoking.

Q: Should earbuds/ cotton buds be used to remove earwax?

A: NO! Earbuds should never be inserted into the ear since they can traumatized the ear canal and if put deeply enough into the ear canal, they can perforate the eardrum. Nothing smaller than an elbow should be inserted into the ear canal. Simply clean the opening of the eardrum with the end of a towel.

Remember earwax is good for your ears!